About Colorado Youth Summit

The Colorado Preserve America Youth Summit began in 2007 with the goal of creating an opportunity for middle and high school students from grades 7th to 12th to get out of the classroom and into the field to learn about history, archaeology, heritage tourism and preservation.  Interacting directly with community partners such as federal, state and local governments and agencies as well as non-profit historic preservation, tourism, community and education organizations, each Youth Summit provides interactive, outcome driven learning experiences and service opportunities.  As part of the program, the students reflect what they learn in the field so that they may provide critical feedback and policy advice to then help partners develop meaningful and relevant methods to reach younger audiences.

The only program of its type in the country, the Colorado Youth Summits have received national attention for the accomplishments of the experiences offered to over 500 students and their teachers in its first five years. The Summits work to achieve four primary objectives: connecting youth and teachers to historic places; involving students in historic preservation activities; expanding tools to support teachers’ efforts in heritage and preservation education; and bolstering local preservation and heritage tourism efforts. 

Community Partnerships

The Colorado Youth Summit serves any teacher, student and community partner working to advance the appreciation and use of our nation’s historic places. Community partners include federal, state and local governments and agencies as well as non-profit historic preservation, tourism, community and education organizations. The collaboration between the Colorado Youth Summit organization and national, state, regional and local partners helps draw attention to the partner’s current issues, programs and goals with their energetic enthusiasm and openness to offer creative solutions.

Partnering with the Youth Summit has proven results to:

·         Share local history and stories

·         Bring new ideas to projects and programs

·         Draw new visitors to historic places

·         Connect local educators to preservation activists

·         Enhance interpretative programs with new ideas to connect students and
           families to the historic program/site.

·         Foster future stewards for historic places

·         Undertake projects through service experience

·         Draw attention from media, leaders and elected officials

·         Invigorate efforts to move projects and programs forward

·         Energize staff and local volunteers

·         Provide direct marketing input for their generation

·         Offer ideas for use of new technology

·         Share experiences through social media and blogs

·         Become ambassadors and advocates for community issues